Our Story

Thailand has always been well known for her food, whether it be main dishes with a variety of meat and seafood,
sumptuous desserts or a veritable feast of fruits to pick from.

Cooking is a large part of life for
the Thai people where the standard greeting
between friends is not

Even with the influence of other cooking cultures such as
Japanese, Italian and Indian, Thai food has remained the favorite
among both tourists and the people who live in Thailand because
of the flexibility of being able to not only work together with these
other cultures but also to mix and create new recipes as well.

That is why the Thai Pride brand was
made. We wanted a product that will
bring a bit of Thailand into your kitchen,
wherever you may be. To allow the ability
to not only create dishes tried and tested
from Thailand, but also to create new ones.



ments :
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Proud to be the first Sweet Chilli Sauce & Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce manufacturer
in Thailand to be HACCP and IFS certified.Winner of Good Packaging Design Award
presented by WTO Director General Dr. Supachai Panitchpakdi

To our

totally committed to excellence,
with the company motto

To our

create stable jobs and income for
rural farmers by contract farming.

To our

provide opportunity for the poor young
rural youths to achieve their dreams
by granting scholarship.

To our
devoted staffs :

support and encourage all to realize
their potential to the fullest and reach
for the sky.